Democrat Steve Cohen says Electoral College ‘conceived in sin’ to protect slavery

Democrat Steve Cohen says Electoral College ‘conceived in sin’ to protect slavery
Steve Cohen (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – This story will be featured in the soon-to-be-published ‘Tall Tales and Myths from the 116th Congress.’]

Rep. Steve Cohen has joined Democratic calls to abolish the Electoral College, saying it’s an outdated system that was “conceived in sin” as a way to protect slavery.

“The country is different than it was when the Constitution was drafted,” the Tennessee Democrat said Tuesday on CNN. “When the Constitution was drafted, a lot of it had to do with slavery.

“The slave states wanted equal representation in the Senate because they wanted to keep slavery,” he said. “The slave states wanted to have an electoral college to where the members that they had in Congress counted towards the vote of president where the slaves counted as two-thirds — in a popular vote they would count as zero. So the slave states didn’t want a popular election because their slaves wouldn’t count towards voting and the slave states would have less votes.”

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“This is all conceived in sin and perpetuating slavery on the American people and on the African-American people, directly,” he added.

Mr. Cohen’s comments came one day after 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren promised to “get rid of” the Electoral College during a CNN Town Hall in Mississippi.

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