Kamala Harris accused of taking pay-off to give pyramid scheme a pass

Kamala Harris accused of taking pay-off to give pyramid scheme a pass

[Ed. – Fortunately for her, the MSM (a pox on them!) is refusing to cover this story.]

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris is being slammed by Latino activists for refusing to investigate the Ponzi scheme operated by nutritional supplement marketer Herbalife in exchange for what amounts to bribes masquerading as “donations” from Herbalife lobbyist Heather Podesta.

At the time, Harris was the Attorney General of California.

Heather Podesta was then married to Tony Podesta, the high-powered lobbyist with longstanding ties to Hillary Clinton. Tony’s brother, John Podesta, was the campaign manager for Hillary 2016 presidential campaign.

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Refused Multiple Pleas to Investigate Herbalife

During her tenure as California attorney general, Kamala Harris refused to investigate the fraudulent pyramid scheme operated by Herbalife, which is accused of exploiting the Latino community. The Washington Free Beacon noted:

“Herbalife’s records indicate that at least 60% of the company’s distributors are Spanish-speaking Hispanics. And the total number of Hispanics might be as high as 80% when bilingual and English speakers are included.”

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