Wash. state passes bill that would keep Trump off 2020 ballot — unless…

Wash. state passes bill that would keep Trump off 2020 ballot — unless…

[Ed. – … he released five years of tax returns. Anyone want to send the state legislature a copy of the Constitution? They evidently don’t have one.]

A proposal inspired by President Donald Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns advanced Tuesday in Washington state. A bill in the state Legislature would require candidates to release five years of returns before they could appear on either the primary or general election ballot in the state.

Senators approved the bill on a 28-21 vote Tuesday, sending it to the House.

“Although releasing tax returns has been the norm for about the last 40 years in presidential elections, unfortunately we’ve seen that norm broken,” said bill sponsor Sen. Patty Kuderer, a Bellevue Democrat, during debate Tuesday. Kuderer later confirmed she was referring to Trump.

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How a candidate has handled their own financial affairs and personal investments are relevant details for voters choosing a commander-in-chief, Kuderer added.

“It’s become part of the vetting process,” Kuderer said later.

Kuderer’s proposal would apply only to candidates for president and vice president.

Presidents as far back as Richard Nixon have released their tax returns either during their campaigns or after being elected.

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