Trump gets a win in SCOTUS ruling on detention of criminal immigrants

Trump gets a win in SCOTUS ruling on detention of criminal immigrants
9th Circuit Court

[Ed. – Although the challenge was brought by green card holders — understandably, since they are here legally and have standing to sue — the real impact of this is on the detention of criminal illegals.  If the Supreme Court had upheld the Ninth Circuit, “sanctuary city” practices could have made it impossible for ICE to detain most convicted criminal illegals for deportation.]

The Supreme Court on Tuesday handed the Trump administration a victory in its battle to clamp down on illegal immigration by making it easier to detain immigrants with criminal records.

The ruling that federal immigration authorities can detain immigrants awaiting deportation anytime after they have been released from prison on criminal charges represents a victory for President Trump.

In the case before the justices, a group of mostly green card holders argued that unless immigrants were picked up immediately after finishing their prison sentence, they should get a hearing to argue for their release while deportation proceedings go forward. But in the 5-4 decision on Tuesday, the Supreme Court ruled against them, deciding that federal immigration officials can detain noncitizens at any time after their release from local or state custody. The court also ruled the government maintains broad discretion to decide who would represent a danger to the community in deciding who to release or detain.

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