Despite verbal miscues, presidential hopeful Harris draws little criticism from voters

Despite verbal miscues, presidential hopeful Harris draws little criticism from voters
Kamala Harris (Image: YouTube screen grab)

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…[T]he shadow of the ever-growing Democratic field fell on Harris … when a young voter named Essence Williams asked her about fellow Democratic candidate Andrew Yang’s proposal to give $1,000 of basic income to every American ages 18 to 64.

“Do you think this program is feasible in our economic climate?” Williams asked. “And is it possible to increase the standard of living for low-income families?”

“I haven’t analyzed that policy,” Harris said, pivoting instead to discussions of how she hopes to reduce student loan debt and “uplift” young people.

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After Harris finished, Williams said she “absolutely” still had questions about where Harris stood, even as she was grateful for the senator’s candor.

“It’s all about trust,” she said. “I’d rather she be honest with me [like that] and tell me she hasn’t looked into it.”

In the first weeks of Harris’s campaign, the 54-year-old has fielded criticism for equivocal and imprecise answers to questions about her stances on specific policies and her record as a prosecutor.

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