CNN’s Brian Stelter absurdly judges the mental health of Fox News

CNN’s Brian Stelter absurdly judges the mental health of Fox News
Brian Stelter (Image: CNN video screen grab)

[Ed. – How nice of him to care, but maybe he should tend first to the mental health needs of his own flock, including the shepherd.]

CNN’s Chief Media Correspondent Brian Stelter started off “Reliable Sources” with a dizzying mix of thoughts and accusations Sunday. One of them being this: Is Fox News mentally unhealthy?

He announced that Fox News has suspended Jeanine Pirro for questioning Rep. Ilhan Omar‘s (D-Minn.) patriotism. This came on the heels of several morning tweets from President Trump in which he praised Pirro and insisted that the network bring her back. So far, the network has said nothing about firing Pirro.

“For the record, if Tucker Carlson is watching, I don’t want Fox to shut down,” Stelter told his three-member panel, which consisted of a NYT White House reporter, a deafening liberal media reporter who has absolutely no volume control and an ex-President Obama official, all of whom vociferously agree with Stelter or otherwise suck up to him. He won’t bring on guests who disagree with him.

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But please… let him continue.

“I just want Fox News to be a healthy part of the media ecosystem, and the spread of misinformation that happens on these programs is unhealthy,” he said. “I think it’s as simple as that.”

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