CA’s Oroville Dam at risk again with record Sierra snowfall – even after $1.1 b in repairs

CA’s Oroville Dam at risk again with record Sierra snowfall – even after $1.1 b in repairs
Oroville Dam spillway, 13 Feb 2017. Dam near collapse due to inadequate engineering, infrastructure. (Image: Screen grab of KCRA 3 video, YouTube)

[Ed. – Californians have voted to upgrade and repair water management infrastructure some seven or eight times in the last 30 years, supposedly committing billions to the promised programs. Actual new upgrades? Zero. (Some older programs have reached completion during the period.) Repairs? Not so much. This has been a problem under both Democratic and Republican governors, although the legislature has been in Democratic hands most of this time. Disgraceful.]

The $1.1 billion spent to repair Oroville Dam is failing as water is seeping through the rebuilt spillway threatens new mass evacuations over the risk of the dam collapsing.

According to national dam expert Scott Cahill of Watershed Services of Ohio, Oroville Dam is on the same failure track as in 2017, with visible water seepage trickling from the foot of the dam and dozens of points along the dam’s principal spillway.  Cahill warns that warming temperatures magnified by precipitation is a growing threat to the dam.

American Thinker reported on March 1 that the Sierra snow pack was at a record 113 inches, but another 44 inches fell in the next 10 days.  With temperatures spiking this week to 75 degrees in the valleys and 41 degrees in the high mountains, dam inflows are running twice the outflows, and the water levels rose from 800 to 839 feet.

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