Top Obama aide praises Kushner-Trump high-tech drive

Top Obama aide praises Kushner-Trump high-tech drive
Aneesh Chopra (Image: YouTube screen grab)

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Former President Obama’s top tech advisor has praised the Trump administration’s push to modernize government IT, singling out Jared Kushner’s expanding bid to make Uncle Sam much more customer friendly.

In a New York Times story that mocked President Trump over his sometimes old school ways in preferring paper over digital delivery of information, Aneesh Chopra, Obama’s chief technology officer, said that the administration was in sync with the Obama effort to reform government technology.

He told the newspaper that there was a “surprising alignment on a number of key areas.”

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He said: “I may strongly disagree with the president’s views of health care reform…but I am pleased with the president’s commitment to build on progress on the long-term technical foundation of what we refer to as a health care internet.”

While it is easy for critics to focus on Trump’s crowd pleasing stabs at green technology, his team led by son-in-law Kushner have pushed far further than any past administration into overhauling government technology that both cuts costs and helps taxpayers get the help they need, sometimes with a simple click on a government website.

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