Parliament knuckles under, votes to approve delay of Brexit

Parliament knuckles under, votes to approve delay of Brexit

[Ed. – Help us, EU, you’re our only hope!  The only way to keep Brexit on schedule now is for the EU to reject continued negotiation.  If the EU rejects a proposal by Theresa May to delay Brexit until Parliament’s date of 30 June, then a “hard,” no-deal Brexit will occur on schedule in two weeks.  The EU will probably find some way to accommodate May’s proposal.  But she’s a lousy negotiator; Brussels will get the long end of the deal.]

After weeks of political gridlock, Parliament voted Thursday to seek to postpone the country’s departure from the European Union, a move that will likely avert a chaotic withdrawal on the scheduled exit date of March 29.

With Brexit due in 15 days and no divorce deal yet approved, the House of Commons voted 412-202 to ask the bloc to put off Britain’s exit until at least June 30.

The vote gives Prime Minister Theresa May some breathing space, but is still humbling for a leader who has spent two years telling Britons they were leaving the bloc on March 29.

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Power to approve or reject the extension lies with the EU, which has signaled that it will only allow a delay if Britain either approves a divorce deal or makes a fundamental shift in its approach to Brexit.

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