Andrew Weissmann stepping down from Mueller probe

Andrew Weissmann stepping down from Mueller probe
Andrew Weissmann. LAT/CSPAN video, YouTube

[Ed. – Probably just that there’s no there there and he isn’t needed.  But Weissmann’s own ugly past and conflicts of interest have been good reasons for him to not be there from the get-go.  There’s an outside chance he’s leaving early to fend off something that may arise from investigations by IG or Huber team (or at least blunt its impact).]

One of the most prominent members of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team investigating Russia’s attack on the 2016 presidential election will soon leave the office and the Justice Department, two sources close to the matter tell NPR.

Andrew Weissmann, the architect of the case against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, will study and teach at New York University and work on a variety of public service projects, including his longstanding interest in preventing wrongful convictions by shoring up forensic science standards used in courts, the sources added.

The departure is the strongest sign yet that Mueller and his team have all but concluded their work.

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