Schiff: Congress investigating Trump over ‘dangled pardons’

Schiff: Congress investigating Trump over ‘dangled pardons’
Adam Schiff (Image via Twitter)

[Ed. – As long as Schiff is a congressman, Congress will be investigating Trump over something.]

California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff said Tuesday Congress is investigating President Donald Trump over allegations that he “dangled pardons” in front of his former advisers involved in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

The frequent Trump critic tweeted his comments in response to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders saying Trump has not made up his mind on a possible pardon for former campaign chair Paul Manafort, who was recently sentenced to 47 months in jail over tax and bank fraud charges.

“Congress is investigating reports that Trump and his legal team privately dangled pardons to obstruct investigations, including ours. Yesterday, the White House refused to rule out a pardon for Paul Manafort,” Schiff said. “That Trump does so in the open is no less corrupt.”

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Throughout Manafort’s trial, Trump was coy about possibly pardoning his former campaign chief, but has praised Manafort for his loyalty.

Trump also claimed last week that his former attorney Michael Cohen “directly asked” him for a pardon, contradicting Cohen’s testimony before Congress.

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