Internal review: Navy, industry partners under ‘cyber siege’ for national security secrets

Internal review: Navy, industry partners under ‘cyber siege’ for national security secrets
Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Mustin (DDG 89) transits in formation with Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force ship JS Kirisame (DD 104) during bilateral training in South China Sea on April 21, 2015 (Image: David Flewellyn/U.S. Navy/handout via Reuters)

[Ed. – This shouldn’t actually be a surprise, given the major espionage cases involving Chinese spying on U.S. Navy systems developers and manufacturers over the last 20 years.]

The 57-page document is especially scathing in its assessment of how the Navy has addressed cybersecurity challenges facing its contractors and subcontractors, faulting naval officials for not anticipating that adversaries would attack the defense industrial base and for not adequately informing those partners of the cyber threat. …

One major breach of a Navy contractor, reported in June and attributed to Chinese hackers, involved the theft of secret plans to build a supersonic antiship missile planned for use by American submarines, according to officials.

The hackers targeted an unidentified company under contract with the Navy’s Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, R.I. …

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“Only a very small subset of incidents are ‘known’ and of those known, an even…smaller set are fully investigated,” it said. …

Navy officials declined to give even an estimate of incidents over the last 18 months other than to say they were “numerous.”

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