Florida: Great, now there are ‘mystery rumbles’

Florida: Great, now there are ‘mystery rumbles’
It seems like such a nice place. Florida's Atlantic coast. Pixabay

[Ed. – Or tremors, we might call them.  Our mystery booms have been getting lonely out there, but now they’ve got something to have a play date with.  Scientists pronounce themselves unable, so far, to determine what this was.  It reportedly went on for over two continuous minutes, which would rule out a sonic boom.  (Nearby Patrick AFB says it knows of nothing that could have produced this effect.)  It doesn’t seem to have been connected to activity at the Kennedy Space Center.]

A mysterious rumble that rattled patio doors and shook houses across the Space Coast Friday evening was not an earthquake, said the U.S. Geological Survey.  But a seismologist with the agency is hard-pressed to say exactly what it was that shook homes from Cocoa to Merritt Island.

“We looked into this and we didn’t see any evidence of a tectonic earthquake. It could have been something that didn’t originate in the ground,” said Paul Earle, a seismologist with the USGS, the scientific agency that monitors earthquakes across the globe. …

The deep rattling was not detected by the USGS but was reported by residents – many of whom are familiar with the occasional sonic boom from overhead military jets or consistent shaking that follows a rocket launch – on social media about 6 p.m. Friday. …

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On Feb. 12, some residents from Titusville to Palm Bay reported on social media being shaken after what turned out to be a footlong-sized fireball that exploded in the nighttime skies over the Atlantic Ocean with a force equal to 100 tons of TNT.

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