Kathy Griffin says Trump supporters don’t like her because she’s a ‘self-made woman’

Kathy Griffin says Trump supporters don’t like her because she’s a ‘self-made woman’
Kathy Griffin holding Trump head (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – It hasn’t occurred to her that her sewer mouth and the bloody severed head might impact the way she is viewed?]

Controversial comedian Kathy Griffin says the Trump administration and its supporters tried to ruin her career after the infamous photo shoot featuring a mock, beheaded version of President Trump, saying she was punished because she was a “successful” woman.

Griffin made headlines back in May 2017 when she posed with a severed head meant to look like President Trump, presenting it to the camera the way an ISIS member would. The gruesome image immediately drew outrage on social media, while Trump called the photo “sick” and said Griffin “should be ashamed of herself.” She even lost her CNN gig as a result.

Her former New Year’s Eve co-host, Anderson Cooper, not exactly a fan of Trump, said even he was “appalled” by the photo shoot. However, Griffin feels that other celebrities, such as Johnny Depp and Snoop Dogg, haven’t been vilified to the same extent for similar attacks on the president.

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