Why people are throwing cheese at babies

Why people are throwing cheese at babies
Twitter video

[Ed. – Du-uh, because somebody did it on video. Don’t try this at home. The babies don’t look like they’re having fun.  Liberty Unyielding officially gives it a thumbs down.]

Instead of telling babies to say “cheese” for the camera, people on Twitter are now literally throwing slices of cheddar at them.

The quirky Twitter trend, which has been called the “cheesed challenge,” was started by user @unclehxlmes on Thursday.

He uploaded a video of himself approaching his toddler brother while holding an ominous slice of cheese. In a scene that could be described as a low-budget Hitchcock film, the seemingly terrified baby braces himself as his older brother flings the dairy product on his face.

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“Just cheesed my lil brother,” @unclehxlmes wrote.

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