Trump has made unthinkable progress on North Korea

Trump has made unthinkable progress on North Korea
Image via AP

[Ed. – Dem response: crickets]

Since 1949, the United States and our allies have been engaged in a complicated, high-stakes efforts to reduce the global threat posed by North Korea.

The result? An isolated authoritarian regime with a sophisticated nuclear arsenal many thought unachievable.

While it might be apocryphal that Albert Einstein famously defined insanity as performing the same act repeatedly and expecting a different result, you don’t need to be an accomplished theoretical physicist to see that 70 years of the status quo on the Korean Peninsula hasn’t worked.

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Enter President Donald Trump, who was elected to shake up the status quo. With his bold new tack in dealing with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, we are closer to discovering a path to peace than we’ve been in decades.

That progress was unthinkable little more than two years ago.

Instead of the stale, scripted summits of the past where unelected bureaucrats spent months in lukewarm negotiations, Trump has engaged Kim one-on-one. Since the 2018 Singapore summit, North Korea has traded provocative nuclear stunts for diplomatic engagement and a willingness to join the community of civilized nations.

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