FBI made ‘shocking’ discovery sifting through trove of artifacts from Indiana home

FBI made ‘shocking’ discovery sifting through trove of artifacts from Indiana home
The Miller home in Indiana, where thousands of artifacts were stored from often illegal collecting around the world. CBS News video via MSN.com

[Ed. – It’s something no collector should do. That said, it may turn out to be an odd blessing, if DNA can actually establish whose ancestors these ill-gotten relics are. Imagine being sure that you have obtained the remains of your own true forebears.]

When the FBI showed up at Don Miller’s home in rural Indiana in 2014 to seize part of his vast personal collection of artifacts, it was a shock for people who knew him. …

“The entire house is a museum. There are things everywhere,” [local reporter Liz] Dykes recounted. “It was just mind-blowing.”

Miller willingly showed his collection to reporters, residents, and even local Boy Scout troops, so when the FBI came calling, she said, “I wanted to know what they were looking for… There had to have been something.” …

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[T]he FBI’s careful planning couldn’t prepare them for [a ]… disturbing discovery.

“About 2,000 human bones,” Carpenter said. “To the best of our knowledge right now, those 2,000 bones represent about 500 human beings.” Nearly all of those human remains, he said, were also dug up from ancient Native American burial sites.

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