Amy Klobuchar reportedly ate a salad with a comb — so we tried it.

Amy Klobuchar reportedly ate a salad with a comb — so we tried it.

[Ed. – Investigative journalism at its finest.]

New York Times report published Friday featured several allegations that Sen. Amy Klobuchar had mistreated her staff, including an eyebrow-raising anecdote that started the piece: Klobuchar, a 2020 presidential candidate, once used a comb from her bag to eat a salad after her aide forgot a fork—and afterward handed the used comb to the staff member and told him to clean it. Blurred lines of professionalism and more serious allegations of a demoralizing and dehumanizing work environment aside: How do you eat a salad with a comb?

Armed with a six-pack of assorted plastic combs purchased from the nearest Target and a salad from the cafe downstairs, Slate tested each hair styling tool in an attempt to discover which apparatus allows for the optimal consumption of salad. If you have never before attempted to use a comb as a fork, the results are eye-opening.

The combs, which range in size and purpose, each presented their own challenges. Handled combs, like the wide-tooth and rattail, were the most ergonomically pleasing. Handleless combs proved both messier and spikier, with no ideal spot to grip.

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