Is it possible Kamala Harris was in on Jussie Smollett hoax?

Is it possible Kamala Harris was in on Jussie Smollett hoax?
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[Ed. – Anything to this?]

Jussie Smollett looks pretty washed up. …

But another Hollywood guy, a film producer named Tariq Nasheed … smells a political rat.

His series of tweets raises suspicions that the political response to the matter, led by Democratic presidential candidates Kamala Harris (and Cory Booker), is suspicious, real suspicious, and there might have been a staged setup in order to get a law passed and rack up voter points.

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Up until now, it appeared that politicians such as Harris (and Booker) couldn’t have known much about the phony plot and probably just glommed onto the controversy for political advantage the way a lot of politicians do.  But Nasheed has pictures of them campaigning together, and even more important, she notes that Harris and Booker brought out an anti-lynching bill just coincidentally timed ahead of the attack, as if to ensure passage as the momentum built from public outrage (until the attack was exposed as phony).  With Smollett a black and gay supposed victim and everyone slathering sympathy on him, who could refuse to vote for the anti-lynching bill, which just happens to have had some gay language inserted at the last minute?

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