NeverTrump mag’s quest: To name and shame the pro-Trump elite

NeverTrump mag’s quest: To name and shame the pro-Trump elite
Bill Kristol (Image: YouTube screen grab via Conversations with Bill Kristol)

[Ed. – Favorite pull-quote: “For [The Bulwark‘s] project to work, it doesn’t need the massive reach of a Fox News or a Rush Limbaugh—it just needs to make D.C. dinner parties and greenroom visits uncomfortable for the Trumpist elite.” Exit question: who is the “Trumpist elite”?]

 [I]n the coming months, [Charlie Sykes] tells me, The Bulwark will home in on a specific class of “grifters and trolls”—those opportunistic Trump enablers who still get invited on Meet the Press and write for prestigious newspapers. To Sykes, these are the true sellouts, and he wants to ensure that their public flirtations with Trumpism leave a stench on them.

“A lot of folks have had a free shot to get in bed with some of the most disreputable [people] out there, and they still have a veneer of respectability,” Sykes says. “We want to raise the opportunity cost.”

Asked for examples of prospective targets, Sykes doesn’t have to think long before rattling off a list of high-status commentators (Marc ThiessenHugh Hewitt), think tankers (Henry OlsenVictor Davis Hanson), and politicos (Bill Bennett).

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