Cory Booker’s wants to give $46,215 to all 18-year-olds in ‘lowest income bracket’

Cory Booker’s wants to give $46,215 to all 18-year-olds in ‘lowest income bracket’

[Ed. – Wealth redistribution by any other name. According to one estimate, it will cost the country $60 billion.]

Sen. Cory Booker (D.-N.J.) is proposing a plan—the American Opportunity Accounts Act—that he calculates will provide $46,215 to every 18-year-old in the lowest income bracket by giving them annual subsidies in a federally managed savings account.

Booker cited his plan in a Tweet he sent out this morning.

“We must close the wealth gap that’s undermining equal opportunity in our country,” Booker said in his Tweet. “My baby bonds will help level the playing field by creating a savings account for every U.S. child—to invest in themselves through things like paying for higher education.”

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Booker’s Tweet retweeted an article tweeted by The article was headlined: “Cory Booker’s America Opportunity Accounts Act is a Bold Step Towards Wealth Equality.”

“Today, with the announcement of the American Opportunity Accounts Act, we’re excited to see Senator Cory Booker (D.-N.J.) take a concrete step to help level the wealth-building playing field and ensure that all children — especially those who come from low- and moderate-income families — have a fair shot to reach financial security and prosperity,” said the article.

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