China’s ‘social credit’ system banning millions from planes, trains

China’s ‘social credit’ system banning millions from planes, trains
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[Ed. – Give the Western left long enough in power and it too will implement such an Orwellian program.  Alexa will be tattling on you — and “she” won’t be optional.]

Millions of Chinese individuals and businesses have been labelled as untrustworthy on an official blacklist banning them from any number of activities, including accessing financial markets or travelling by air or train, as the use of the government’s social credit system accelerates.

The annual blacklist is part of a broader effort to boost “trustworthiness” in Chinese society and is an extension of China’s social credit system, which is expected to give each of its 1.4 billion citizens a personal score.

The social credit system assigns both positive and negative scores for individual or corporate behaviour in an attempt to pressure citizens into behaving. …

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About 17.46 million “discredited” people were restricted from buying plane tickets and 5.47 million were restricted from purchasing high-speed train tickets, the report said.

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