Kamala Harris’s dad: Ancestors ‘turning in their graves’ at her stereotyping of Jamaicans

Kamala Harris’s dad: Ancestors ‘turning in their graves’ at her stereotyping of Jamaicans
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[Ed. – Guess that is kind of tacky, suggesting that she smoked weed because her father, a Stanford economist with graduate credentials from Berkeley, came from Jamaica.  The Democrats may have to turn to Klobuchar (Indian name: Tosses Binders) sooner than expected — if not to the real 1/1024th Indian, Elizabeth Warren.]

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris’s new embrace of smoking marijuana didn’t go well back in Jamaica, where her father said her ancestors would be “turning in their grave” after hearing her stereotype the island’s people as “pot-smoking joy seekers.”

Harris cited her Jamaican heritage last week when she admitted to smoking marijuana. The California senator scoffed at claims that she opposes legalizing the drug by saying, “Half my family is from Jamaica, are you kidding me?” She said she supports legalization because smoking “gives a lot of people joy, and we need more joy.”

Her father Donald Harris, who came to the United States from Jamaica in pursuit of a graduate degree in economics, took issue with his daughter’s use of the drug stereotype as she runs for president.

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