A glass quarter-full reading of Trump’s border deal

A glass quarter-full reading of Trump’s border deal
Border fence, McAllen, TX. YouTube video

[Ed. – Say what you will about Trump losing the border barrier fight, but Nancy Pelosi just voted for 55 miles of immorality. –Byron York]

In the case of border security and the spending bill passed by Congress, it would be hard, from the administration’s point of view, to call it a glass half-full result, given that President Trump won just $1.375 billion of the $5.7 billion he asked Congress to appropriate for a border barrier. On the other hand, Trump emerged from the negotiations having made significant progress — even before considering his declaration of a national emergency.

For Trump, the glass is a quarter-full, and maybe more, if he moves thoughtfully in coming months.

The first positive note is that the president got anything at all for a barrier. Remember that the Democratic position, expressed repeatedly by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, was that Trump would get nothing for a barrier — and by “nothing,” Democrats meant “nothing.” That is precisely what the president got in the measure to end the government shutdown. Pelosi even famously declared Trump’s wall proposal “immoral.” In the end, though, the Democratic House approved — with 300 votes, including Pelosi’s — enough money to build 55 miles of the president’s proposed barrier.

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