House changes rules to intensify Dems’ Trump probes

House changes rules to intensify Dems’ Trump probes
WaPo video, YouTube

[Ed. – In the cases of Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, of course, it’s not clear that it would be better to have the congressperson present for witness depositions.  But lowering this bar is a bad sign — if you needed one.]

A change to House rules is putting sharper teeth into Democratic investigations of President Trump and his administration.

The change allows staff of House committees to conduct depositions without any lawmakers present, freeing up the panels to move through witnesses in their investigations quickly without the constraints of the previous Congress.

The change will offer Democrats on powerful House committees including Intelligence, Oversight and Reform, and Judiciary substantial momentum as they open wide-ranging probes into Trump, producing new headaches for the White House as the president readies his reelection bid.

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