Kamala Harris’s criminal justice policies are under scrutiny after Tupac-Weed snafu

Kamala Harris’s criminal justice policies are under scrutiny after Tupac-Weed snafu
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[Ed. – Was she unprepared for running the gauntlet?]

An apparent to attempt to whitewash her past criminal justice policies has backfired for presidential hopeful Kamala Harris (D-Calif.).

Speaking to The Breakfast Club on Monday morning, the California senator described smoking marijuana in college.

“I did inhale,” said Harris, before adding that Snoop Dogg and Tupac were her artists of choice for blazing.

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The only problem is that both hip-hop legends released their debut albums in the early ’90s—years after Harris graduated from both undergrad and law school.

“So either Harris was baked enough to time travel or she hit the bong after being in school,” wrote libertarian Nick Gillespie in an article for Reason. “Not cool for a candidate whose slogan is ‘speaking truth, demanding justice.’ Most likely, she’s just trying to curate a playlist that sends the right message.”

The California senator opposed legalizing marijuana in 2010, with her campaign manager telling Capitol Weekly at the time “that drug selling harms communities.” She later reversed her position and called for an end to “the federal ban on medical marijuana” at the 2015 Democratic State Convention.

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