Former abortion doctor: ‘Late-term abortion never needed to save mother’s life’

Former abortion doctor: ‘Late-term abortion never needed to save mother’s life’
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[Ed. – Forces libs to go back to their previous defense of late-term abortions: It’s fun.]

… [A] May 2018 Gallup survey asks: “Thinking specifically about the THIRD trimester, please say whether you think abortion should be legal in that situation, or illegal. How about … when the woman’s life is endangered?”

75% of respondents said that abortion should be “legal” under such circumstances, while 22% said it should be “illegal.”

However, these results are misleading. Gallup’s question implies that there are certain circumstances during the third trimester of pregnancy in which an abortion could save a woman’s life. Such a question suggests that termination is sometimes the only solution to certain late-term medical scenarios.

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This simply isn’t true.

During an interview with Live Action founder Lila Rose, former abortion doctor Anthony Levatino stated that late-term abortions are never medically necessary:

… I spent nine years working at a tertiary medical center. …

I saw hundreds of cases of really severe pregnancy complications – cancers, heart disease, intractable diabetes … toxemia pregnancy, out of control. In those nine years … the number of babies that I had to, that I was obligated to deliberately kill in the process was zero, none.