Cory Booker pulls an Obama on campaign trail, admits he does ‘not speak Swiss’

Cory Booker pulls an Obama on campaign trail, admits he does ‘not speak Swiss’

[Ed. – He’s not alone. No one speaks Swiss.]

On Friday night last week, Sen Cory Booker was on the campaign trail in Iowa. When he was asked a question, he invented a language. Barack Obama did it with his remark in 2009 about speaking “Austrian” (also nonexistent), so we guess he thought that it was ok. But he’s a little nervous for a presidential candidate and didn’t come off sounding particularly intelligent in an exchange with a reporter from Swiss radio.

The reporter had an accent, so Sen Booker assumed he was Spanish or Mexican or something… QUESTION: Senator this is your first day really on trail, what is your first impression? Booker: Tu hablo espanol, Si? QUESTIONER: No, Swiss radio. Booker: Swiss! Yeah, I do not speak Swiss. (nervous laugh) I cannot even say swiss cheese in Swiss.

For the record, the people in Switzerland don’t speak “Swiss.” There is no such language. The Swiss people speak dialects of French, German, and Italian and Romansh. German is the most common language, although the dialects often differ. Here’s the video of the encounter. …

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