Chase shuts down personal bank account of outspoken Trump supporter

Chase shuts down personal bank account of outspoken Trump supporter
Enrique Tarrio (Image via BPR)

[Ed. – If the bank froze his assets, as is implied, it appears Tarrio has grounds for a lawsuit.]

A black Cuban man who proudly supports President Donald Trump has been deplatformed from the Internet and had his bank account shuttered because of his links to the Proud Boys.

According to America’s lying, disingenuous and politically biased mainstream media, the Proud Boys is a far-right, neo-fascist, white supremacist group that aims to “Make America White Again.”

Never mind that the Proud Boys is, in fact, a pro-free-speech, pro-liberty fraternity compromised of a bevy of minorities such as Enrique Tarrio, who was raised in a Cuban family in Miami’s Little Havana. And never mind that the ones actually practicing fascism are the ones who hate him.

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Because the Democrat Party’s corrupt allies in the radically far-leftanti-Christian and anti-American Southern Poverty Law Center have deemed the Pate Boys to be a hate group, it must therefore be a hate group, according to the media, which too are allies of the far-left.

Speaking with BigLeague Politics, the nascent media entity responsible for unearthing Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s blackface photos, Tarrio revealed this weekend that Chase Bank has informed him it’ll be shuttering his account on Apr. 1. Why? No reason was specified.

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