Men’s makeup goes mainstream

Men’s makeup goes mainstream
Image: YouTube screen grab

[Ed. – This is the Left’s solution to combating toxic masculinity?]

This month, David Beckham appears on the cover of style magazine LOVE 20.5, in Dior, styled by Kim Jones, green roses and bird tattoos spiralling up his neck. “With the lighting and the pose, David reminded me of David Sylvian from [1970s and ‘80s band] Japan,” says make-up artist Miranda Joyce, who worked on the shoot. “It seemed right to add eye make-up, the bright blue that Bowie wore in the Life on Mars video. I knew David could make it work, even though it wasn’t something he’d done before.” It’s a great portrait – and yet what really got people talking was that eyeshadow.

Men are no strangers to make-up. Alexander the Great was a fan, while the Picts daubed their faces in blue woad. Wigs and beauty spots were popular in the court of Louis XIII – and let’s not forget the dandies. But somewhere in the 1800s, someone decided that real men don’t wear make-up and, after that, when they did, it was in a spirit of transgression. Bowie, Prince and Johnny Depp weren’t (just) trying to make themselves look good, they were challenging everything we knew about gender, sex and society.

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