Social Washington ‘turned upside down’ by Trump invaders

Social Washington ‘turned upside down’ by Trump invaders
Sally Quinn. CBS This Morning video

[Ed. – The Trump crowd is stuck with the Trump Hotel, apparently.  It’s all a lot like high school.]

Take Juleanna Glover, one of the city’s most well-known hostesses. Her home has become a sort of oasis where the list is scrupulously scrubbed of most Trump guests. And Glover is no left-winger; she worked for John Ashcroft and Dick Cheney. Indeed, her parties these days are often the center of D. C.’s #NeverTrump conservative resistance, as was the case at a book party she threw for Rick Wilson, the Republican consultant who recently published the best seller Everything Trump Touches Dies. “We can call them the uncontaminated,” Glover joked. “Pulling together the like-minded makes people hopeful. You’re aggregating the intellectually disciplined and principled. But it’s also deeply siloing.”

Sally Quinn, the author and Washington Post journalist who is still the city’s most famous dinner-party hostess and a historian of D. C.’s elite social life, is another who has taken a stand. “Someone asked me, ‘Would you ever invite the Trumps to your house?’ The fact is I couldn’t,” she said. “It would be embracing everything I’m against. …”

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