Pentagon transfers 250 active duty personnel to Texas border

Pentagon transfers 250 active duty personnel to Texas border
U.S. troops put up concertina wire on border fence south of San Diego. YouTube video, World News

[Ed. – The soldiers are already operating; they’re being moved to Eagle Pass, TX to help deal with the caravan that arrived this week. I haven’t seen an update but they could be on-scene already.]

Roughly 250 active duty U.S. military personnel will be transferred from Arizona to Eagle Pass, Texas, to help reinforce the ports of entry in the area, the Pentagon announced Wednesday.

The Department of Homeland Security requested the additional troops in response to a migrant caravan near the Texas border.

“Acting Secretary of Defense Shanahan has authorized the repositioning of approximately 250 active duty military personnel to the vicinity of the Eagle Pass [points of entry],” Pentagon spokesman Capt. Bill Speaks said in a statement Wednesday. “This personnel includes military police and medical personnel from current border security support missions in Arizona, and engineers who will support hardening of these POEs.”

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