Mexican border state governor: ‘No mas caravanas’

Mexican border state governor: ‘No mas caravanas’
Coahuila prepares for open-borders tourism. Fox News video

[Ed. – The caravan invasion isn’t going better on the Texas border than it went in Tijuana. This is Lopez-Obrador’s problem, since he’s the one with the open-borders policy.  We’ll see what he does.]

The Governor of Coahuila, the Mexican state where this border city is located, has one thing to say after overseeing the arrival of a caravan of nearly 2,000 migrants: “No Mas Caravanas,” or no more caravans. That was the headline in the local newspaper.

“In the case of the state government, we will not allow more migrants to travel to Coahuila,” Gov. Miguel Riquelme told reporters.

The governor explained it wasn’t up to him to stop this caravan when it crossed Mexico’s southern border nearly three weeks ago because that’s the federal government’s job. But this one is here now and he’s doing everything he can to deal with it in the most humanitarian way.

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And that way involves the enormous security operation that has contained the migrants at the shelter.

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