German auction house wants more than $50,000 for watercolor by Hitler

German auction house wants more than $50,000 for watercolor by Hitler
Adolf Hitler (Image: Wikipedia)

[Ed. – On top of everything else, the auction house is located in Nuremberg, where Nazi criminals of war were tried.]

Before he set out to build a Nazi empire and exterminate Europe’s Jews, Adolf Hitler toiled as an artist on the streets of Vienna, supporting himself by selling hand-painted postcards of city landmarks.

The fascist state that he sculpted no longer exists, and the German criminal code devised after the war sought to erase its traces by banning Nazi iconography, including swastikas. Giving the Hitler salute is punishable by up to three years in prison. Holocaust denial is also verboten.

But Hitler’s creative vision lives on, in the form of sketches and watercolor paintings that bear his name. …

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More than 30 pieces signed “Adolf Hitler” or “A. Hitler” will go up for sale Saturday at an auction house in Nuremberg, in southern Germany — part of a trade in Hitler’s creations that some find reprehensible.

The sales are “repulsive and sick,” finds the British art critic Jonathan Jones. In a 2015 column, he asked, “Who are these collectors that fork out considerable sums for the art of a man who caused murder and cruelty beyond imagining?”

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