Maxine Waters is waiting for ‘our’ special counsel to give ‘permission’ to impeach Trump

Maxine Waters is waiting for ‘our’ special counsel to give ‘permission’ to impeach Trump
Maxine Waters (Image: MSNBC video screen grab)

[Ed. – While you’re waiting, Auntie Maxine, why don’t you try holding your breath for good luck?]

Rep. Maxine Waters said House Democrats are waiting on “our” special counsel to give them “permission” to impeach President Donald Trump.

During an interview Friday with CNBC’s John Harwood on his podcast “Speakeasy,” the California Democrat was asked about her goal of long-standing removing Trump from office.

Harwood asked Waters if she believed House Democrats would impeach the president even if it became clear the Republican-controlled Senate would not join them.

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“No, I don’t know that. I don’t know that an impeachment resolution will ever be taken up. I hope so. I believe it should be, but I don’t know that,” Waters said.

“You’re not predicting that?” Harwood asked.

“No, I’m not predicting that. I don’t know that that will happen, you’re right,” Waters said.

Waters then gave a shout-out to Mueller, as if he’s on the Democrats side in wanting Trump impeached.

“Democrats have been very cautious. Everybody’s waiting on our special counsel, Mr. Mueller, to give them permission to go for it,” Waters continued.

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