Pelosi on jobs report: ‘GOP disrespects workers, dishonors our values, damages our economy’

Pelosi on jobs report: ‘GOP disrespects workers, dishonors our values, damages our economy’

[Ed. – Does she have any idea what she’s saying anymore, or has the dementia advanced this far?]

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded to a January employment report that showed “nonfarm payroll employment increased by 304,000” during the month by issuing a statement attacking congressional Republicans for embracing an attitude that “disrespects workers”

Pelosi also lamented the situation of federal workers, who, even if they were furloughed during the partial shutdown that ended on January 25 were paid for the time they did not work.

Also, the jobs report showed that the federal government added 1,000 workers during the month.

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“Federal workers, many of them veterans, saw their financial security shaken, their credit ratings harmed, and their lives upended by the longest shutdown in history,” Pelosi said in her statement on the jobs report.

“Meanwhile, House Republicans overwhelmingly voted against a pay raise for federal civilian workers, refusing to respect the perseverance and patriotism of the men and women who were just furloughed or forced to work without pay,” Pelosi said. “This consistently callous GOP attitude disrespects workers, dishonors our values and damages our economy.”

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