Survey: European Jews indicate main anti-Semitic threat is NOT from ‘far right’

Survey: European Jews indicate main anti-Semitic threat is NOT from ‘far right’
Image: U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, via Charles and Hana Bruml.

[Ed. – That certainly contradicts the media narrative. It’s important to acknowledge that there IS an anti-Semitism threat from neo-Nazis and similar groups.  But the media and left-wing politicians try to lump all non-left groups in with neo-Nazis in order to delegitimize opposition to far-left policies — and they’ve gotten away with hanging “anti-Semitism” on the ordinary right-of-center middle class for too long.  The survey shows Jews feel safer in Hungary and Poland — supposedly overrun with anti-Semitic racist xenophobes — than they do in the politically correct UK and France.]

Fiamma Nirenstein of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs … referenced two recent surveys of European Jews on the scourge of anti-Semitism — one conducted by CNN and one conducted by the European Union. …

[P]erhaps the most interesting tidbit from the surveys is … the (perhaps counter-intuitive, to some on the Left) findings on the specific nature of the anti-Semitic threats most frequently faced by current European Jews:

Almost 90 percent of the European Jews polled declared they had suffered some violence … Thirty percent identified the perpetrator as “someone with an extremist Muslim view,” 21 percent as someone with left-wing political views, and 13 percent as someone with right-wing politics. …

The Jews who have felt the rise of anti-Semitism the most (70 percent) live in France, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands; …British Jews — at 84 percent — expressed the highest level of concern about anti-Semitism in political life today. Together with Germany and Sweden, the United Kingdom has also seen the highest increase in the number of Jews considering emigrating over the past five years due to safety concerns. [In none of these countries does the far right dominate.]…

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