Dems ready to deal on ‘smart barrier’ for border

Dems ready to deal on ‘smart barrier’ for border
President Trump visits the U.S. border in Texas on 10 Jan 2019. CBC video

[Ed. – Beware Democrats bearing “smart barriers.”  Sounds like their “barrier thing” would do nothing to stop migrants — all it would do is let us know they’re there.  Kind of like doing a fish count on an endangered species: whoever’s motivated to do it has the biggest plan to hold America hostage to an agenda.]

Jim Clyburn … the third-ranking House Democrat, is proposing what he calls a “smart wall,” a border security strategy that uses technology, not concrete.

The South Carolina congressman explained his “wall” would involve drones, scanners, and sensors “to create a technological barrier too high to climb over, too wide to go around, and too deep to burrow under.”

His terminology matters because Democrats have signaled they’re willing to make a deal on border security that, at least rhetorically, would include some sort of barrier.

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They just need to label their plan carefully, and finding the right words and tone is going to be a major theme as congressional negotiators continue to seek a deal next week.

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