Left freaks out at WaPo fact checker giving pinocchios to Ocasio-Cortez

Left freaks out at WaPo fact checker giving pinocchios to Ocasio-Cortez
Four Pinocchios (Image: Washington Post)

[Ed. – Liberals devouring their own.]

Washington Post “Fact Checker” Glenn Kessler’s latest “Zillion Lies” update on the president was headlined “President Trump made 8,158 false or misleading claims in his first two years.”

Nevertheless, leftists got extremely angry that Kessler would “obsess” over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mangling facts. Eric Alterman, who unintentionally wrote the Funniest Book of 2003 — What Liberal Media?— now complains that Kessler is obsessed in a romantic way with AOC. Er, when Kessler’s written on her precisely once in 2019, and 12 times on Trump. The president is called out for 8,158 whoppers, and AOC is up, to what, three? (Salon complained about two in a six-month period last year.)

Is it just me, or does Alterman’s personal attack on Kessler boomerang toward the Congresswoman, as if the only reason people would pay attention to her arguments is because they want to marry her?

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Perhaps conservatives are too fixated on Ocasio-Cortez, but self-described socialists do draw attention. The same cannot be said for the “independent fact-checkers,” who aren’t fast to punish Democrats.

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