California-style elections are coming to your state

California-style elections are coming to your state
They once were lost, but now are found. YouTube video

[Ed. – By some estimates, as many as 15 Congressional seats from California changed hands in 2018 — ALL of them switching from Republican to Democrat — due to the vote-cooking practices rampant under these “jungle rules.”]

Election Integrity Project, California (EIPCa), a group of concerned citizens in California, has been documenting problems in the state’s election system for years. We have done the hard, messy work on the ground to catalog the problems.

California election officials and legislators have turned our elections into a free-for-all, with few safeguards, all in the name of “voter access.”

Recent initiatives include “top two” primary elections, automatic voter registration, allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections, allowing mail ballots to arrive after Election Day, rejecting voter ID, removing restrictions on who can handle and return mail ballots (aka ballot “harvesting”), same-day registration and voting, allowing voters to “cure” their mail ballot signature mismatches via the honor system and, in 2020, providing all registrants with mail ballots.

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These are the election laws that some now want to make a federal mandate nationwide.

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