Is it time for journalists to sign off Twitter?

Is it time for journalists to sign off Twitter?
Brian Stelter (Image: CNN video screen grab)

[Ed. – What would Stelter know about journalists?]

Sometimes the insanity on Twitter makes my brain hurt. Sometimes the hatred makes my heart ache. But I almost never think about leaving. Until now.

Farhad Manjoo published an NYT column on Wednesday titled “Never Tweet.” He said “it’s time we journalists all considered disengaging from the daily rhythms of Twitter, the world’s most damaging social network. You don’t have to quit totally — that’s impossible in today’s news business. Instead, post less, lurk more.”

A longtime tech exec sent the link to me and said Manjoo is right. “You guys are the lifeblood of Twitter right now,” they said. “A huge part of Twitter’s current value is journalists creating content for the site.”

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I’ve known this person for years. They don’t have an axe to grind against Twitter, they just want journalists to think critically about what Twitter does to news coverage and the civic conversation. I asked: Do you think we should go on a Twitter strike? Maybe, they said — or at least take a hard look at the value exchange that’s going on.

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