Nathan Phillips refuses to meet with Covington Catholic boys, suggests they be expelled

Nathan Phillips refuses to meet with Covington Catholic boys, suggests they be expelled
Nathan Phillips

[Ed. – Why does anyone care at this point what Phillips thinks or feels? He has changed his story seven times and is not to be believed. He should be left alone to confront his own demons,]

Native American protester Nathan Phillips has refused an invitation to sit down with the boys of Covington Catholic High School and has suggested that the boys be expelled from school.

According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati restaurateur Jeff Ruby invited Phillips to take a first-class trip on his dime to “break bread and make amends” with the high schools boys with whom he had a confrontation. Phillips refused.

“On Monday, Ruby offered to fly Phillips first class to have dinner with the CovCath students at one of his high-end restaurants,” the outlet reports.

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“It’s not the right time,” Phillips told the outlet. “I might consider it at some point. There’d have to be certain assurances in place, give and take, and understanding.”

Over the weekend, the Kentucky boys were smeared by the media for allegedly harassing Phillips, a Native man who served in the Vietnam War, based off a selectively edited video clip. Soon after the full video context came out, however, it was clear that the boys were the ones who were harassed and called homophobic slurs by another activist group; and they were the ones approached by Mr. Phillips, not the other way around. …

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