Doomsday experts: Information warfare like ‘fake news’ threatens civilization

Doomsday experts: Information warfare like ‘fake news’ threatens civilization

[Ed. – There are “Doomsday experts”?? The article clearly isn’t referring to “experts on theories about ‘doomsday.'” It’s written as if there are people who actually know more than the rest of us about the nature and likelihood of “doomsday.”  It kind of goes downhill after that.]

Information warfare is amplifying major worldwide threats like climate change and nuclear warfare, endangering the future of civilization, US experts said Thursday as the symbolic Doomsday Clock stayed at two minutes to midnight.

The manipulation of facts, fake news and information overload — along with global warming and flirting with nuclear war — are all factors that have brought humans as close to destroying the planet as ever, said the non-profit Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

“Humanity now faces two simultaneous existential threats, either of which would be cause for extreme concern and immediate attention,” the group said in a statement.

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“These major threats — nuclear weapons and climate change — were exacerbated this past year by the increased use of information warfare to undermine democracy around the world, amplifying risk from these and other threats and putting the future of civilization in extraordinary danger.”

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