The Washington Post owes Fox & Friends an apology

The Washington Post owes Fox & Friends an apology

[Ed. – Good luck waiting, meanwhile.]

On Friday, Fox & Friends was the only morning news show in America that did not fall for the BuzzFeed story. That led to serious derision from the Washington Post, which is the same newspaper that defamed a group of Kentucky students by grossly misrepresenting what happened at the March for Life.

In a supposed “analysis,” a Washington Post writer declared,

On CNN, “New Day” host John Berman said the news was so big it almost caused him to spill his coffee. On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Willie Geist opened the show by calling the BuzzFeed report “a big one.” On Fox News, however, “Fox & Friends” opened Friday with a different “breaking news alert”: A caravan of Honduran migrants is entering Mexico, unabated, and heading to the U.S. border.

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Turns out Fox & Friends took the right approach. In the rush to be first, but not accurate, all the other networks treated the BuzzFeed story as gospel truth and had to scramble to walk it back after the Mueller team declared it inaccurate.

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