A visit to Pueblo Community College

A visit to Pueblo Community College
(Image: Screen grab of MSNBC video)

[Ed. – No skateboarding for this interlude, apparently.]

Drove through Johnson City west out of Kansas and into Colorado. Up to Animas and over to Pueblo. Beautiful. Big open skies, no traffic, no fog. I listened to the radio until the station would start to fade, try to find another one, or just turn it off and sing to myself, think, or zone out. Then Rich Girl by Hall and Oates would pop in my head – a consequence of the jukebox at the Bar and Grill in Bucklin – and I’d turn the radio on again to see if I could find another song to take its place. …

I pulled into Pueblo ahead of schedule. I was going to meet some people at the community college at 5:30 and it was only 5:00. I stopped in at a Starbucks near the college to charge my phone which was out of juice. …

What followed was one of these transcendent moments in public life… something so raw and honest that you want to hold on to it, remember every word… a flow between people. But going through my notes right now, I know that my recounting of the words and themes won’t do it justice.

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