A 10-ft-high Trump wall has gone up … in Calais, France

A 10-ft-high Trump wall has gone up … in Calais, France
A section of the Calais wall (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Another country heard from]

Calais, France has been in the news for out of control migrants ever since the European crisis began. Now, one gas station has built a 10 foot wall around the spot to discourage smugglers and migrants from getting on the trucks as they get gas before heading to Britain. In the past, migrants have attacked large trucks trying to get their wares to the UK. The Total gas station built the wall at the behest of the Calais Prefecture to “protect customers, staff and migrants” according to the Daily Mail.

Migrants tend to get into the lorries while they are at the gas station. So the Calais government, on short notice, built the wall to try to stop it.

The ‘charity workers’ say the wall is “divisive and ugly.”

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“This is very political – it aims to show desperate people that they are not welcome here, and that more and more walls and police will be used to keep them out. If you oppose such policies, you can get into a lot of trouble.”  Caroline – a humanitarian worker

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