Holocaust survivor badly beaten by stranger in unprovoked attack

Holocaust survivor badly beaten by stranger in unprovoked attack
Hanka Fogelman (Image: New York Post via Debbie Rona)

[Ed. – Picking up where Hitler left off.]

An elderly Holocaust survivor was badly beaten last November in the back of a public transport vehicle, according to a report.

Montreal resident Hanka Fogelman, 92, called for a cab operated by Société de transport de Montréal (STM), a transit service provided by the city for individuals with physical and mental disabilities. En route to visit her daughter, she shared the vehicle with a woman, who sat in the passenger seat, and her eventual attacker, a man who sat with her in the back.

The driver immediately warned Fogelman about the male passenger, saying he was “aggressive” and could be dangerous, according to CBC.

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Minutes into the ride, the man attacked Fogelman.

“He started hitting me. Punching me,” Fogelman said. “The blood started coming out from my nose. I didn’t know what to do.”

The driver said that the man hadn’t said a single word to her, and things escalated “without any apparent reason.” He had been writing quietly on a piece of paper before the unprovoked attack, and he was doing a crossword puzzle when officers arrived, seemingly unaware that he had done anything wrong.

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