Democrats want to force companies to hire people based on sex and race

Democrats want to force companies to hire people based on sex and race

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As the Democrats take control of the House in the new year, reports are emerging that corporate quotas will be a high priority for House Financial Services Committee Chair Maxine Waters and her colleagues. They want to increase the number of women and minorities in America’s top boardrooms, set up subcommittees on corporate diversity and inclusion, and introduce legislation to force public disclosure of the sex and racial makeup of company boards.

This is the same politically correct agenda that is commonplace on college campuses, where race and sex pandering have led to the rise of bloated “diversity bureaucracies.” These aggressive organizations are ever-expanding in their reach and oversight into the lives of students and faculty. A 2018 report from The Economist highlighted a nationwide trend toward increased spending on useless administrative positions, which provide student services focused on racial and sexual politics.

Many of these jobs have little actual effect on diversity, and exist for the sole purpose of churning out hollow marketing campaigns and strategic plans that appeal to donors and college ranking organizations.

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