BREAKING: Theresa May’s Brexit deal defeated by ‘record’ margin in Parliament

BREAKING: Theresa May’s Brexit deal defeated by ‘record’ margin in Parliament

[Ed. – Have seen different takes on whether it’s actually a record; one news outlet apparently found an equally wide vote margin — 230 — back in 1918. In any case, it’s a thundering defeat, not for Brexit itself but for May’s much criticized (and indeed weak and disadvantageous) deal.  Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has already proposed a no-confidence motion against the May government, which Parliament appears likely to take up tonight. Biggest UK government crisis I can remember since the massive labor strikes and IRA attacks of the 1970s — and maybe longer than that, depending on how this goes. Note: the MSM, including the wire services (like AP), are in the tank for the EU perspective on this. They routinely depict the consequences of a “hard” Brexit as “tumultuous” and scary.]

British lawmakers have rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal by a huge margin, plunging U.K. politics into crisis 10 weeks before the country is due to leave the European Union.

The House of Commons voted 432 -202 on Tuesday against the deal struck between Britain’s government and the EU in November.

Legislators from both pro-EU and pro-Brexit sides of Britain’s political divide rejected May’s entreaties to back the deal and deliver on citizens’ the June 2016 vote to leave the 28-nation bloc. …

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Unless a deal is ratified, Britain is set for a disorderly exit from the bloc on March 29, with potentially tumultuous economic and social consequences.

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