VIDEO: Pelosi — Illegals killing Americans ‘not a justification’ for stricter border security rules

VIDEO: Pelosi — Illegals killing Americans ‘not a justification’ for stricter border security rules

[Ed. – Keeping the borders open as a means to increasing the number of Democratic voters is that important to her … which is frankly scary.]

At a Thursday morning press conference, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) showed little concern for the fact that illegal aliens crossing the border with impunity might be dangerous for Americans.

“Let me just close by saying this: clearly there’s a disparity of shared values in terms of respecting the dignity and worth of everyone – being concerned about every death that happens, uh, because we live in an imperfect world, and that’s very sad,” Pelosi said. “But it is not a justification for having more children die in custody of be separated from their families.”

When Pelosi described “every death that happens,” she was referring to deaths of Americans killed by illegals. In her mind, innocent American slain by illegals is not a justification for enhancing border security measures, including family separation at the border.

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Worth noting, family separation is not a policy meant to protect only Americans, but also meant to protect migrant and illegal children, many of whom are smuggled into the United States by drug cartels.

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